When an Operator needs to be supplied with compressed air through a face mask or overalls, the air itself must always comply with UNI EN 12021, a European standard which establishes that the air must be breathable and with the right humidity, then clean. It is therefore the RSPP's obligation to verify that this requirement is always met.


Thanks to a certified colorimetric device we can analyze the presence of gases in a qualitative and quantitative way. It is a vial containing a chemical reagent which selectively changes color when the agent is measured, proportionally and gradually. This reagent is able to monitor the presence of: oil, water, CO, CO2, SO2, H2S, NO and NO2. All tests are conducted simultaneously. The system, not being electronic, is also suitable for use in Atex classified areas.


The analysis takes approximately 10-15 minutes at the sampling point. On the same occasion, the outlet pressure and the flow rate of each single connector will be monitored, if special fixed pressure gauges and flow meters are not already present on the line itself.

  • On site

    • Direct withdrawal from the compressed air line (between 3 and 10 bar) for withdrawal points in the plant.
    • Filling of a cylinder at 200 or 300 bar and subsequent analysis of the air, by means of a pressure reducer and pipe on the same.
  • In our laboratory

    • Delivery of a compressed air cylinder at 200 or 300 bar, to evaluate the quality of the air introduced by the compressor.


UNI EN 12021 "Respiratory equipment - Compressed gases for respirators"

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