Italian Safety Distribution is engaged in the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment, with particular attention to respiratory protection equipment, chemical and biological protective clothing and complementary accessories (showers, gas detectors, communication systems).
Thanks to the experience gained in various sectors such as the petroleum, chemical, naval, but also military (riot control and CBRN) sectors, we can offer solutions that support company performance, guaranteeing benefits in terms of management simplicity, cost-effectiveness in the medium term, mandatory periodic maintenance operator training.

  • Quality products

    Quality and comfort are the characteristics that distinguish all our products. Our mission is to offer the best compromise between protection and comfort for the operator who uses them while working.

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  • Maintenance

    We take care of your products by carrying out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at our laboratory, but also in your factory thanks to a fully equipped vehicle for carrying out maintenance and tests on the go.

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  • Training

    We can also take care of the training of operators who use PPE thanks to the courses tailored by our course leaders at our Training Facility training center in Como, but also at your office.

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    The Genoa office is located near the airport and the motorway junctions and houses the administrative and commercial offices.

    Thanks to our distribution network and internal resources, we are able to provide our services throughout Italy.

  • COMO

    The Como office is a structure entirely dedicated to training. Two training technicians are always available, ready to design and deliver an effective, motivating training plan that is able to make the most modern operating procedures usable, according to your needs. The large practical area is structured to simulate the main activities covered by our training in total safety.

  • Describe this team member's expertise and unique skills. Consider adding an image to your column to represent this team member.

  • Describe this team member's expertise and unique skills. Consider adding an image to your column to represent this team member.

  • "Quando sono arrivata in Safety Distribution mi sono sentita come a casa. Mi piace pensare che grazie al nostro lavoro aiutiamo altre persone nel svolgere il loro lavoro nella massima sicurezza." L.S.

  • “In SD apprezzo la responsabilità e la sfida di gestire il proprio lavoro con autonomia, rigore e flessibilità. Sperimentare nuovi approcci e metodi per servire sempre al meglio i clienti è un grande valore aggiunto.” D.C.

  • “Io mi occupo di manutenzione DPI di 3°categoria e questo mi stimola molto perché so che, quando un dispositivo esce dal nostro laboratorio, sarà in grado di mettere in condizioni l’operatore finale di lavorare in totale sicurezza e con il massimo del comfort.” F.R.