Inflatable rescue, recovery and rescue equipment is used by fire brigades, mountain and lowland rescue services, service companies, the armed forces and international humanitarian support organisations.

Water Rescue Tools

Water rescue tools are devices designed to ensure safety and facilitate the rescue of people in emergency situations in aquatic environments. These tools are used by rescue professionals, such as rescue workers, members of the police force, fire brigades and sea rescue units.

These tools are essential to ensure safety in aquatic activities and to respond effectively to emergency situations in environments such as rivers, lakes and seas.

  • Rescue sledges

    Life sleds are boats suitable for flood waters, for rescue during coastal crises or in flooded urban areas.


    • Lightweight and easily transportable
    • Easy to manoeuvre
    • Can be paddled or pulled by hand
    • Can be used in shallow water
    • Tough and durable
    • Rapid inflation and deployment
  • Lifeboats

    Lifeboats are designed to meet the performance standards of an inflatable boat, providing both the ability to navigate in shallow water and the ease of transport of a rescue sled. Compatible with 2- or 4-stroke outboard engines with short shaft.


    • Strength and durability
    • Significantly low weight
    • Rapid inflation
    • Raised bow for improved performance on waves
    • Excellent high-speed control
  • Stretcher

    The APIStretcher is an innovative rescue stretcher designed to ensure the safe handling of an injured person in emergency situations.

    Despite its robust construction, the APIStretcher is lightweight and easily transportable by a single person, making it ideal for recovering injured persons in confined or difficult-to-reach environments. When deflated, the API Stretcher becomes compact and can be easily stowed in vehicles, boats, helicopters or planes.

    It can be lifted from a helicopter, towed horizontally or upright.

    Highlighted features include rapid deployment, the ability to be carried by a single person, compatibility with the use of a spine board, a quick-release multi-point restraint harness and reduced maintenance.

    The API Stretcher is also ideal for use in confined or difficult-to-reach environments.

  • Gangway

    The inflatable rescue route is an inflatable structure used by many rescue services to reach victims in rescue situations on water, mud, ice and unstable terrain.

    Rescue routes can be connected longitudinally to extend the length of the route or laterally to create a sort of life raft, turning it into a complete water rescue tool.

    The rescue route is compact and portable, being able to be stowed neatly in the supplied carrying case. It can be inflated and deployed quickly, allowing rescue personnel to reach the injured person within minutes.

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