• EYES:

    The damage caused by the welding rays to the eyes can be of different kinds depending on whether they manifest themselves in the short term, or whether it has a long-term manifestation.

    The UV ray causes the "bow shot", eye discomfort and redness appear immediately, acute effect and painful inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva.

    Blue light is often underestimated as it belongs to the visible light spectrum and therefore erroneously considered "safe". The blue light rays are not hindered in the least by those instinctive mechanisms such as the eyelid reflex or that of moving away. it penetrates to the retina damaging it irreversibly, it does not manifest itself immediately and that is why it is the most harmful. Its continuous exposure over time causes the loss of degrees of diopters up to some cases of blindness.

  • SKIN:

    The most common risks are due to skin erythema due to exposure to UVB and UVC radiation; exposure to UVA and visible light, in the presence of photo-sensitizing substances or drugs, can cause photosensitivity reactions. Skin burns are possible in the presence of visible or IR radiation. You can have skin cancer or photo-aging of the skin as a result of exposure to UV radiation.


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