This family of devices includes both the classic industrial protection helmets ( protection against falling objects from a height - EN 397 ), and protective helmets for specific areas of activity such as:

  • dielectric helmets for electricians,
  • scaffolding helmets with reduced flap and chin strap,
  • high temperature resistant helmets made of composite fibers,
  • anti-scalp caps, EN 812 to protect the user from active impact against surfaces

The latter category includes devices for operators engaged in activities with a frequent risk of potential collisions, such as activities on suspended assembly lines (automotive) or in confined work spaces (ships and ferries). This section boasts numerous accessories for these PPE: chin straps, disposable hygienic headphones, thermal balaclavas, belt fastening hooks, bags/cases, helmet lamps (available in explosion-proof, ATEX versions) and much more.

These PPE are integrated with ear defenders and visors which, in their many variants, meet the most diverse needs, making the safety helmet or cap a valid work companion.

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