The protection of a self-contained breathing apparatus, without the weight of the cylinder on one's shoulder and with virtually infinite operating autonomy: these are the main benefits deriving from the use of positive pressure airline respirators .

The operator, equipped with a full face positive pressure mask and a demand regulator , sees the tubing firmly adhering to his body thanks to a bandolier-type textile support. The same, through a flexible pipe equipped with quick safety couplings , will be able to supply air to the operator.

Specific pressure reducers, cylinders, handling trolleys and numerous accessories and upgrades are available to customize the product according to operational needs. From the point of view of the line compressed air supply source, our technicians can carry out measurements directly in the system to monitor the main physical characteristics (pressure, temperature, humidity and flow rate) and adequacy from the point of view of the potential contaminants present oil, CO, CO2, H2S, NOx, SO29 in compliance with EN 12021. Special filter units are however available.