Collection: GARMENTS

We have a wide range of protective clothing for different types of applications.

First Aid and Fire Brigade teams
Use of CE certified clothing in accordance with EN 943-2 (ET).

Technicians who work in alkylation plants with the potential presence of hydrofluoric acid (HF) often use our protective suits, consisting of overalls and jacket, possibly also using an air-powered hood. In these cases, neoprene is the fabric that guarantees the best permeation time/wearability ratio.

Handling Drums containing chemical products
When moving drums and bins from the storage area to production a garment is often required to protect the operator from accidental contact caused by, for example, breakage, leakage or impact which may occur during handling.

Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Electronic Industry
Toxic or harmful particles must not come into contact with the operator.
The possibility of coming into contact with acids and bases makes a particularly punctual safety plan necessary.

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