Safety shop is the online extension of Italian Safety Distribution and Swiss Safety Distribution. We are committed every day to identifying Personal Protective Equipment with particular attention to respiratory protection equipment, chemical and biological protective clothing and complementary accessories (showers, gas detectors, communication systems).
Thanks to the experience gained in various sectors such as the petroleum, chemical, naval, but also military (riot control and CBRN) sectors, we can offer solutions that support company performance, guaranteeing benefits in terms of management simplicity, cost-effectiveness in the medium term, mandatory periodic maintenance operator training.

Our goal is to increase the safety and comfort of the operators, creating a deep knowledge of the modern devices that the market makes available, providing the opportunity to test new materials, different from those usually known.


    Quality is the characteristic that distinguishes all our products. We want to offer the best compromise between protection and comfort for the operator who uses them while working.


    In addition to offering you the products, we also take care of them by carrying out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in our technical laboratories, but also onsite, i.e. in your factory thanks to a fully equipped vehicle for carrying out maintenance and tests on the go. Our laboratories and all our technicians are certified by their respective manufacturers.

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    We can also take care of the training of operators who use PPE thanks to the courses tailored by our course leaders at our Training Facility training center in Como, but also at your office.

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    The Genoa office , located near the airport, houses the administrative and logistics offices dedicated to the naval market.


    Headquarters entirely dedicated to TRAINING with a large modular structure for the practical part and an important demonstration PPE park.


    The Lugano office in the city center is a point of reference for many pharmaceutical and chemical industries of the Swiss Confederation.


    Two training technicians are available, ready to design and deliver an effective, motivating training plan that is able to make the most modern operating procedures usable, according to your needs.

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    We are available to our customers who need to test operational solutions in a protected environment , in order to identify the most suitable PPE for the activity to be carried out and the procedures that can guarantee the best results.

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  • "My job, provided thanks to the internal support of the Technical Office and the Commercial Service, consists in evaluating how to guarantee the correct protection factor to our Customers, offering the greatest possible comfort and the maximum ease of management. Chemistry and plant engineering they teach me something new every day so I am happy with the role assigned to me and it is gratifying to exchange ideas and information with technicians from all over Europe, it is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, knowledge and often friendships"


  • “Being part of Safety Distribution has always been a source of pride for the support we can provide in order to improve the individual protection of workers both in terms of safety and, why not, also comfort.

    The enrichment of my commercial and accounting/administrative knowledge is a stimulus that fuels my enthusiasm to contribute to the achievement of the objectives that Safety Distribution sets itself." FC

  • "When I arrived at Safety Distribution I felt right at home. I like to think that thanks to our work we help other people to do their job in maximum safety."

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  • “I deal with 3rd category PPE maintenance and this stimulates me a lot because I know that, when a device leaves our laboratory, it will be able to put the end operator in a position to work in total safety and with maximum comfort .” FR